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Snail Mail at White Eagle Hall

On a wintery Friday night, Snail Mail played a packed house at White Eagle Hall in Jersey City. Obsessing over latest album, Lush, and the maturity of the lyrics, I remembered once she confidently entered the stage that Lindsey Jordan is a young 19 years old! Embracing her angsty youth with total charm, she had the audience enraptured in every word. Starting out with my personal favorites “Pristine” and “Heat Wave,” the raw vocals made the songs make even more sense seeing them performed live. In between songs we got to hear stories of her European tour and how this was the most times she’s said she’s gay on stage, yasss. On almost every “Best of 2018” playlist I’ve seen so far, Snail Mail is “crush-worthy indie pop” we can’t get enough of. Follow Snail Mail on social media and check out our pictures from the night below!

Photos By: Katie Lerner

xo Madison


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