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Summer EP by Bymaddz

Bymaddz is a jazz, soul, and alt-R&B singer who has just put out a new EP called Summer. The EP consists of three songs and comes in at just under six minutes, but as the saying goes, great things often come in small packages. Summer is an extremely relevant EP, reflecting on racism in America and the ongoing protests for change. The first track on the EP “Say Our Names” echoes the sentiment of the Black Lives Matter movement in recognizing all of the Black people who have been murdered by the police and fighting for racial justice. In this song, Bymaddz illustrates her own experience with seeing the news each day and feeling helpless. A really powerful line she sings to encourage herself and anyone else also feeling this way is, “If you feel that your heart can’t go on, it ain’t over until we’ve won.”

The EP continues in Bymaddz’s unique and experimental style, stripped back with light, rhythmic guitar and soulful harmonies interlaced throughout. In the songs “Doesn’t Matter” and “Summer”, Bymaddz speaks to the importance of staying positive and continuing her activism, but she also makes a point to acknowledge that her feelings and emotional well-being, and those of all other Black people who are sharing a similar experience right now, are important and valid. These songs relate her personal feelings, so naturally Bymaddz displays a lot of emotion in her voice and this especially comes through in her impressive and playful riffs. Summer is a poignant and authentic EP, brought to life by Bymaddz’s beautiful voice and powerful perspective, that encapsulates this important moment in time.

Written by: Courtney Thompson


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