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Sun x Moon by V!V

Born in Detroit, brought up in Chicago, nineteen year old recording artist and songwriter V!V (r/n Viv Badynee) packs an impressive and doubly refreshing punch of pop-star potential.

Her newest single “Sun X Moon” lacks any dull moment; from its trippy, collage-style cover art, reminiscent of tarot and the symbolism of yin and yang, to its complex musical arrangement, which waxes and wanes through varying tones and intensities. There’s no doubt this song is a mixed-box of treasure and paradox. V!V’s mystique, the strength of her vocals and witty word play, along with the commanding air of her unique style, grant her an edge which will surely nourish her budding popularity.

“Sun X Moon” opens up with an ominous, almost paranoia-inducing chanting over sirens. Though the introduction strikes as intimidating, it is a call to pay attention: to slide your rear-end over to the edge of its seat before the show really kicks off. Once the beat drops us into the chorus, we learn that the last thing V!V is afraid to do is invert the mood on its head. From brooding chaos, we burst into a definite groove: jazz, brass, and an attitude for dancing. V!V’s voice chimes on crystal clear and confident.

Slowing down and pulling us into the song’s most vulnerable lines, V!V expounds on her bout of disillusionment: “Yesterday you loved me, now you’re gone without a note […] It’s hard to get these words right out my f*cking throat.” Lyrically, the song is a lamentation for miscommunication and poor connection. All this raw frustration and angst is serenaded to us through soulful, upbeat melodies, over an ultra feel-good pop beat with an assortment of winds and chopped-up percussion. Toward its last leg, the song descends into a synth-break that becomes a full-on breakdown. When, all too soon, we reach the outro, the beat takes on an intoxicating air: techno, ravey, space-vacuum vibes...

Describing “Sun X Moon”, V!V explains that “it’s essentially about two people that just can't figure out how to connect (social media be damned!). Or maybe it's just one person that can't seem to figure it out.”

“We’re like the sun and moon, it takes so long to see you. I’ve been waiting on an eclipse...” makes for an incredibly catchy hook, one that I believe speaks to a source of timeless human frustration. It makes me think of the kinds of leaps and strides we often take to compromise with others. The challenge of meeting someone halfway.

With her powerful new pop single, V!V’s proudly boasts her singing and songwriting talent, and like the “Sun X Moon”, she commands her spectators’ respect.

Written by: Karina Martinez


Words | V!V

Music | CBVB


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