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'Tally' EP by Tally Spear

Tally Spear’s new EP Tally is a cohesive and unique collection of songs that embodies her bold alt-pop sound. Beginning with the tracks “What Do I Want” and “Can’t Find What I’m Looking For” Tally takes us on a journey of self-discovery and introspection. In these catchy and mysterious songs, Tally asks serious questions about herself and her desires while blending pop and rock sounds. Most songs tend to express the singer’s intense feelings about something or someone, but in “What Do I Want” Tally asks the question “What am I feeling?” and continues to bring us on the journey with her to figure it out. “Can’t Find What I’m Looking For” almost feels like a step in the wrong direction, expressing some hopelessness that what she wants may not even exist. Tying in beautifully with the previous song, Tally sings, “I’m feeling fine but I want more.”

Tally embraces her unique qualities in the dark and fun song “Oddball,” and “Already Gone” is a bold track pairing sultry low verses with a raspy, belting rock chorus. Tally’s lyricism is incredible throughout the EP, and one line in particular that stands out from this track is a reversal of the classic Midas touch: “Everything I touch turns to black and I need to throw it out.” This line encapsulates the blunt, dark nature of Tally. Tally proclaims her roots as a city girl in the aptly titled track and recons with what that means to her, and the EP reaches a satisfying conclusion with a cover of Cream’s “I Feel Free.” These final songs display Tally’s ability to excel in any genre and to merge genres to create her own sound. “City Girl” has a classic Southern rock feeling with a modern twist and showcases Tally’s impressive vocal range, while her cover of “I Feel Free” puts her own dark spin on the psychedelic pop hit. Tally’s songs are catchy and upbeat with a dark side calling to mind artists like Billie Eilish. But don’t be mistaken—Tally’s sound is entirely her own and her EP Tally carves out a unique space for her in the indie music scene. Tally doesn’t hold back, displaying intensity and edge in each song with her stunning vocals, striking lyrics, and entrancing guitar and bass riffs.

Written by: Courtney Thompson


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