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"Tomorrow" by Andria Rose

“Tomorrow” by Andria Rose is a plead for a better day to come. It’s the enchantment of hopeful comfort, it’s the uncovering of the veil of our past, present, and future. It’s a tale we can all relate to. The cling to someone we know doesn’t bring out the best in us. The juxtaposition of what we need and want and the willingness and repetitiveness of that thought. Endless nights, spiraling under the moon.

Andria Rose’s latest release embodies a fresh take on modern love. A song that fits perfectly in an Agnès Varda movie. “Tomorrow” has a haunting introduction that feels very much like a purple sky, transcending between the night and the dawn, it’s a place in between where we find just the right amount of hope.

“Tomorrow” really is the future of Rose's sound and we can't wait to hear more. Listen below and follow Andria Rose on social media here!

Written by: Luiza Alves


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