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Tour Recap with Kaycie Satterfield

Kaycie Satterfield is currently on tour and we chatted with her about the experience! Check it out below and follow her on social media here. Stream Women's Fiction out now!

1. What was best moment of tour? What was the worst? Why?

The best moments were connecting with fans across the country! It was so awesome to meet everybody. Also, we ate some dank tikka masala fries in Portland and that was one of the best moments of my life, so…The worst- so we got caught in the flood in New Orleans AND we heard a bear outside of our tent in New Mexico. Terrifying. Top 5 scariest moments of me life. 

2. Where was your favorite audience? 

Nashville or Austin! Gotta love hometown love. I grew up in Austin and I went to school in Nashville.

3. What’s something you’ll definitely do differently next time?

Well, I would probably never do a national tour again. It was sort of half-trip, half tour. I saw the whole United States! And that’s incredible. But I’ll do shorter and more strategic routes from here on out.

4. What role does touring play for current artists? 

Well, it’s how we earn our income and connect to our fans! For DIY touring artists, it’s to break into new markets and to make connections all over.

5. What’s next for Kaycie Satterfield?!

So, I’m in Austin for a couple of months, writing and taking care of some personal things and generally decompressing! I’ll hopefully have a batch of songs to record a full-length soon. I’ll probably try to release a single and throw a rager/release party on my 25th birthday in February, then I’ll tour around SXSW in March. 


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