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"Turns Out We Should Have Stayed at Home" by Lucky Iris

Self-proclaimed alt pop duo Lucky Iris released their EP “Turns Out We Should Have Stayed at Home” back in April, exploring the concept of “a night on the town, and how sometimes they don’t go to plan and it may be better to stay home...” While they draw influences from the likes of Celeste and Shura, they certainly have their own distinct sound and lyrical perspective that’s so honest it’s almost unnerving. 

Their EP starts out energetically with “Get Ready With Me” as synth pieces come in piece by piece to present the whole picture, but only when they want you to see it. Its upbeat nature is juxtaposed with intimate lyrics that question what kind of masks we put on before we go out of the house. This theme continues into the second track “Take 5 (Why Can’t You See Me?)” which really shows off the duo’s knowledge of music theory as they literally breakdown Dave Brubeck’s “Take 5.” For any music nerd, this moment can be pretty exciting. But more importantly, they take the opportunity to show off their musical intellect amidst the background of a song that so defiantly asks, “Why can’t you see me?” making for an intimidating sense of self-assurance. Their confidence really takes off with “Glitter Vision,” an anthem of self-empowerment and enjoying the exploration of oneself, almost as if it’s a threat as to how empowered they can become.

Their final track “I Fell Backwards” is what really made me stop. The lyrics and starkness of the musical landscape are just so heartbreakingly honest. And this is where we discover where their strength comes from. With an EP that manages to present a mask and dismantle it all at the same time, Lucky Iris proves their ability to deftly navigate electro-acoustic music, creating dance-worthy beats while remaining tethered to the ground of what makes real songwriting an introspective experience for the listener. Stream their music as soon as you can, and take the time to really listen. They certainly have a lot to say. 

Written by: Misao McGregor

Listen below and follow Lucky Iris on social media here!


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