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"Violet" By Siv Disa

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

Singer-songwriter Siv Disa has released a dreamy music video for her latest single,"Violet." Opening to a late night NYC rooftop party interspersed with flashes of the littered and vacant roof the morning after, the video perfectly echoes the whimsical yet reflective mood of the track. As we see Siv Disa fervidly peeling an orange to the lyrics, "What is the damage/ And when will it matter/ I could end in disaster/ Having never known laughter" the emotionally heavy lyrics bounce alongside lively piano chords evoking feelings of both joy and sorrow. "Violet" is a refreshingly bold track with an eccentric yet satisfying video to match. Check it out below and be sure to follow Siv Disa on social media!

Camera/Director of Photography: Perri B. Bowers

Written/Performed: Siv Disa

Producer: Katie Buchanan

xo Madison Hetterly


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