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"Yellow Room" by New Pagans

Photo by: @avcunningham

New Pagans’ latest release “Yellow Room,” is a tight, indie punk track that you either bang your head along to or completely freak-out-dance to because nothing matters more than the moment of music. The Belfast band is returning with new music after the success of their EP Glacial Erratic, and are endeavoring to tackle the issue of motherhood in the music industry with their latest single. Based on the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, “Yellow Room” encourages mothers in the industry to recognize the need for specialized parent-and-baby mental health resources in Northern Ireland, something lead singer and lyricist Lyndsey McDougall can relate to personally. She shares, “Motherhood doesn’t define me but it definitely shouldn’t be something I hide or feel ashamed about. We need to challenge the perception that women who become mothers have less to add to the conversation.” With such a strong backstory, the song reaches much farther than one might anticipate. Having heard the song without reading about its origin, I first was struck by the absolute awesomeness of hearing a female voice singing punk music with a band backing her up perfectly while still sounding like they’re just jamming and making it up as they go. New Pagans feels alive and electric and uninhibited by musical constraints, which is perfectly mirrored in the repeated lyric, “You can’t put me back.” Whether that line resonates as a new mother or simply an individual who needs their newfound experience to be recognized and appreciated, “Yellow Room” creates universal connections with its gothic sound and punk attitude. Follow them on social media here!

Written by: Misao McGregor


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