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3d Analyzer Settings For Counter Strike Global Offensive




A_1: That's very strange. A_1: What happens if you try "sudo -i" instead of "sudo -s"? 16.04 this not worked out as well as i expected.. we have power loss and it takes up to 1hr for system to login again.. hey guys i have a problem, i cannot find the ffmpeg that is included in ubuntu 16.04, i was using it for a long time but i cant remember the name I'll try i had to install it with pip and 16.04 supports ipv6 but in my case i cant connect to it and now i cant find it anywhere ubuntu 16.04* any ideas? mattfly: sudo apt-get install libav-tools mattfly: Yeah, ffmpeg has been moved to a separate package where can i find that? theadmin ok let me check mattfly: I think it's libav-tools, this one should be in 16.04 (though it might not be the current version) theadmin: yeap it is let me try mattfly: The PPA version is better, though mattfly: Just run "sudo apt-get install libav-tools" mattfly: I think it's in the "extra" repository theadmin: I am having a nightmare lol, i have been searching for something like this for a long time lol, like i said i had to use pip to install ffmpeg mattfly: Ah, this is great, I was trying to fix that for the last hour. I dont understand why you just tell me that that is a good thing, it's no fun theadmin: what is that? lol is it a ppa? mattfly: It's a way to install everything from a separate source




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3d Analyzer Settings For Counter Strike Global Offensive

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