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Big Red Festival with Dirty Mae

What happened after Little Red Ridinghood grew up? Big Red festival is what happens. Hosted by neo-vaudeville trio Dirty Mae, the event had everything from performance art to music video premieres to spoken word. Each act seemed to breathe life into the next and the Bowery Poetry Club was beaming with empowerment and support coming from both onstage and off. Halfway through the lieu of talented women, Dirty Mae showed us a private screening of their new music video (which is coming soon!) for latest single “Big Red.” Before the screening, Cassie of Dirty Mae gave us some backstory. The heart wrenching tale of a young girl who gets taken advantage of is no longer the narrative we have to tell. Little Red has grown up and she has a voice that needs to be HEARD! “Big Red” is her howl of empowerment not only to herself, but to other women who need the encouragement to stand up for themselves and own their bodies. Leaving the event I felt an utter sense of joy and strength knowing these powerful and talented ladies are thriving and supporting each other along their journeys. Check out our photos from the day below and stream “Big Red” here! Also be sure to follow Dirty Mae for updates!

Photos by: Sarvani Ramcharran



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