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Emily Donohue at Sofar Seattle

Updated: Dec 2, 2018

Seattle singer-songwriter Emily Donohue recently released her debut LP, Melancholia (via Refresh Records) and it is a beautifully truthful reflection of a young woman’s journey while navigating through the joys and hardships of growing up. Touching on everything from heartbreak and loss with the powerful “Goodbye, Stranger,” to the more upbeat “Mistakes” which resonates on the decisions we make in young adulthood and the regret that later comes from the paths we choose. The twelve track LP rounds out on a note of hope with “Emerald City Love” that describes finding home and comfort in a loved one that understands and accepts you for who you are. Ending on the heavenly harmonies of “Outro,” Melancholia takes listeners on an emotional journey that is worth the ride. Recently Emily performed at Sofar Seattle to a packed house with her acoustic guitar. Check out pictures from the show by Sarah Klein below and be sure to follow Emily on social media to keep up with upcoming music and shows!

Photos by: Sarah Klein

xo Madison Hetterly



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