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Interview: Alycia Lang

Check out our interview with folk artist Alycia Lang! Stream or download her latest music here.

Indie Witches: Hey Alycia! Thanks for chatting:) How did you get your start in music?

Alycia Lang: I don't really remember ever not identifying as a musician. But as far as getting my start in actual songwriting: my father is a musician, so I taught myself how to play what I know on guitar and piano on his instruments when I was kid and also began writing songs around that time. I spent a brief period singing classical music at the Conservatory of Music in San Francisco and started playing music professionally when I was a teenager, still focusing mostly on singing and then transitioned into a more indie-rock/indie pop world when I graduated from college and have been playing in bands ever since. 

IW: What was your inspiration behind your latest EP?

AL: This EP is definitely a product of several very confusing and transitional years for me in which I was navigating some personal and professional relationships I was in. When I felt like that chapter of my life had kind of closed, I picked my favorite songs from that time and pieced them together (almost) in chronological order. So to me the EP carries through the timeline of those years. Songwriting is useful in saying the things you wouldn't necessarily say out loud in any other context... this EP is filled with a lot of thoughts about a specific time and place that I got to communicate with directness and nuance that in some ways helped close the book on that chapter.

IW: What is your favorite venue you have ever played?

AL: That's a hard one. I've had the pleasure of playing some pretty sweet venues over the years, but probably my favorite one (although not the most well-known or biggest) was a semi-abandoned control tower on an island that had been turned into a speakeasy. 

IW: If you could have dinner with any woman in the world, living or dead, who would it be and why?

AL: Ah! Just one?! This is so hard. I'd love to chat with Joni Mitchell about her experience in the music industry. She just broke into the world of music doing such a specific thing in such a different way than most people at the time. I'd like to know what that was like for her and what compelled her to keep with her own approach to learning and writing music despite being surrounded by so many other influences. I'd also love to have dinner with my maternal grandmother who I never really got to meet, but am apparently very similar to.

IW: Who are you currently listening to?

AL: Honestly these days I spend a lot of time listening to musicians I know, there are so many incredible artists in the world and so many right in my back yard. It changes almost daily, but Big Thief, Andy Shauf, Angelo De Augustine, Sam Evian have all been resonating with me this week along with many others that I'm sure I'll remember later and wish I'd mentioned.

IW: Any upcoming shows? Best place for fans to follow you?

AL: I'm focusing on writing another album at the moment, but will have shows here and there throughout the summer and fall. The best place to follow me is probably on Instagram: @lycialang or on my website (or Bandsintown and Spotify if you'd rather just know about shows). Keep an eye out for potential East Coast dates coming up. 


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