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"Invisible Enemy" by Georgia Black

Georgia Black's latest single "Invisible Enemy" is a cinematic track inspired by the current COVID-19 pandemic. A contemporary Blues singer from North London, her music embodies classic artists like Shirley Bassey combined with modern artists like Lana Del Rey. "Invisible Enemy" begins with grand, sweeping instrumentals that put you right in the middle of a James Bond movie. Black's velvety vocals glide from high to low notes, adding to the dramatic effect of the song. She compares the pandemic to wartime, singing, "Invisible enemy, another man down; the bodies are piling under the ground." These striking descriptions capture the fear and intensity that ran high at the start of the pandemic and still linger as we continue to feel its devastating effects. Expanding on this metaphor of war, Black dubs those who stay home to slow the spread of the virus "heroes."

"Invisible Enemy" may seem like a dramatic telling of the pandemic, but it is scarily accurate. Staying home may seem like a small act, but it really is a great service that people can do for society right now. Black also sings that "to lock our doors is unity," another great line that captures the contradictory reality that we must unite against this pandemic by staying apart. Georgia Black creates this dramatic and gritty action movie landscape and places every average person in the center of it with the potential to be a hero simply by being responsible and compassionate. "Invisible Enemy" is a beautiful and extremely relevant song about this moment in time, and it speaks to our humanity and the necessity for unity. Follow @iamgeorgiablack

Written by: Courtney Thompson

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