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Pearla at Our Wicked Lady

A drab Wednesday in the middle of a long week can lead to a bad case of hump day blues. Fortunately for me, last Wednesday (8.15.18) I had the pleasure of seeing a live performance by the mesmerizing Pearla at Our Wicked Lady in Brooklyn, NY. Arriving to the venue’s charming rooftop on a warm summer evening, the mood was perfectly set for a spellbinding performance that Pearla gracefully delivered. Nicole Rodriguez stunned with her breathtaking vocals matched to quirky yet clever lyrics. As the sky behind the band morphed from a cotton candy pink to cobalt blue, Pearla took the audience through an emotional journey of captivating tracks that equally matched the epic backdrop. My favorite of the night was the acoustic gem, “Pumpkin” that will be released this October. The perfect midweek pick me up, the show gave listeners an enchanting folk escape that ended with smiles and a joyous applause. Be sure to check out Pearla on social media to keep up with upcoming music and shows!

Photo by: Sarvani Ramcharran @sarvanirr



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