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Premiere! "Everything" by Seamstress

There are moments in life when you can't quite place how you're feeling because it is too much to put into words. I've never had this exact feeling pinned down until I heard "Everything" by Seamstress. Last night, I had the honor of attending the Single Release Show at FM in Jersey City and Seamstress effortlessly drew in the packed house with her vulnerable lyrics and powerful vocals. Openers Charlie Sztyk and Matt Sucich beautifully contributed to the show with their folk rock sounds setting the tone of the night with talent and charm. Once Seamstress took the stage, she took us through a heartfelt set that explored journeys of love and finding oneself. "Everything" is a track that makes me feel less alone by being delightfully honest on the overwhelming feeling of life, something we all feel at one time or another. Listen below and check out our photos from the night! Be sure to follow Seamstress on social media for more.

Photos By: Katie Lerner

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Roberto Gomes
Roberto Gomes
Mar 11, 2019

Why can't I comment?

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